Monday, February 23, 2009

BIBI / Sean Penn / A-G Holder

What is going on in Israel, is that Bibi did not learn the lessons of the past.He ran on a right wing platform,but wishes to govern from the center He forgets those voters who put together a majority number of knesset seats,that allow him to try to put together a coalition.
Israel is not a bannana republic.They should not be frightened by the NY Times,Washington or the EU.If he succumbs to Livni and Barak,he is doomed to failure again.

Sean Penn who won an Oscar last nite, gave a political speech attacking the Californians who voted against gay marriage.He also praised this country that elected such a great President.He neglected to say how great this country is for honoring somones artistic talents, despite having political views repugnant to so many.

A-G Holder is getting deserved hits from all sides for his "coward" remark,which in light of his appointment is a joke.Nevertheless it would be nice for the Pres to comment on his ideas of a post-racial society, that has a black Pres., A-G and the two most recent Sec's of State. similarly black.This is in addition to the Black Congressional Caucus,and black chairman of the RNC and the Mass Gov. among a zillion black civil servants.

Take a look at tv commercials and sit-coms as well as other series, there are blacks in each scene.
The A-G is way off base, and owes America an apology.