Monday, February 02, 2009

Affirmative Action / good-bad cops / Thomas Friedman

With a black Pres., Atty Gen.,Senator.Gov. many members of Congress,2 recent Sec. of State etc, perhaps its time to remove affirmative action as part of our lingo.

Is Pres. Obama playing good cop-bad cop with the Republicans as he makes nice and allows Pelosi and Reid to be the bad guys?
Thomas Friedman is obviously well traveled,intelligent and respected.Sometimes he likes to play Sec. of State,as when he publicized the Saudi initiative a few years ago.Now he comes up with a master "5 -State plan",which will go exactly where the Saudi plan is.
I cannot envision Saudi troops guaranteeing a Palestinian State(didn't Israel chase them out in '48?)
Mr. Friedman is as secular as they get,although in once talking to him on a plane ,I somewhat vageuly remember that he has a religious brother(chabad?) .
Mr Friedman has to understand,that although he may label traditional and orthodox Jews as fanatical or fundamentalist,every single day Jews throughout the world who have any religious feeling,pray that the third Temple will speedily be built on the Temple Mount. No Road Map,special envoy. or American President can change our beliefs ,or the eventual outcome.Pharoh could not prevent the Jews from leaving and the world cannot prevent Jewish destiny and eternity.
That the Arab wants to destroy us is a given.That we have to avoid being fooled by the niceties of diplomacy and political correctness is also a given.
Sad for me to say, but Rabbi Meir Kahane was right and people like me were wrong in thinking that Oslo etc would bring peace.Peace will come with the Messiah.Until then Israel must remain strong,and support Jerusalem as the undivided eternal Capitol,without any sharing with those who seek to wipe us out.