Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Kill the vetting team / katrina / Jerusalem

Now with Daschle out, the next one that should go is the head of the vetting team.What were they thinking?
Obama talked of "change", however we get an administration of "d0-overs."Everyone is apologizing ,and everyone is the "ONLY" person in the USA that can do that job.
The lobbyist ban is a joke,and the Pelosi promise to clean up is an outright lie.Rangel who writes tax-law is still sitting at the helm with no sign of an ethics investigation.
Obama is finding out very quickly that it is much easier to campaign than to govern.

Oh yes remember the mega-criticisms of Katrina aid? Well how come millions are freezing without electricity or water, and the Obama team is hardly mentioned for a fair to poor response in the Ozarks?

If the reports that Livni promised Abbas to divide Jerusalem are true,then the election of Bibi is even more critical,