Sunday, February 22, 2009

a new ME policy

During the campaign,many of us who questioned Obama's pro-Israel credentials were assured by Democratic spokespersons,usually Jewish, like Cong. Wexler that the doubts were not justified.
Now we see a trend ,and it is not pretty.
The pending appointment of Chas W. Freeman as Chairman of the National Intelligence Board ,which presents with the CIA reports to the President is a serious problem.Ambassador Freeman was US Ambassador to Saudia Arabia from 1989 to 1992.A well known opponent of the US-Israel relationship,he believes Israel is a liability to our country.In1995 he attacked Israel as an "occupier".and decried Israeli violence against Palestinians.
In 2008 at MIT,, he stated that the US reflexively" supports right wing Israeli governments to undo Oslo.
President Obama has signed an Executive order allowing potentially hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from Gaza to resettle in US (including Hamas?)at a cost of $ 20.3 million dollars.This was published in the Federal Register on Feb 4(signed Jan 27)
He has taken a low key approach to Iranian nuclear provocations,even as France and Germany are publicly quite agitated.
He withdrew charges against the USS Cole masterminds.
He has behind the scenes paved the way for Hamas to be part of the Palestinian "team" with Abbas,even though they still refuse to recognize Israel,still have Shalit,still send rockets into Israel and have not stopped weapons smuggling.
He is prepared to deal with Syria,even as news from our experts confirm that nuclear material from N. Korea was at the destroyed site (which Israel attacked)
His UN Ambassador Rice,is likewise not a friend.
We should not expect heavy public attacks on Israel,just subtle quiet changes-not for the good,