Friday, February 20, 2009

Good behavior /.Wall St, / Livni /Hamas

I would like to thank my son Elli for the thoughtful blogs of the last few days.
I commented a few years ago, after visiting Disney that people of all walks of life,of different colors,and from different countries etc,are extremely polite to each other.This week on our cruise,with no evident tensions( EXCEPT PERHAPS THE STOCK MARKET),the same was evident.No pushing at the lines or in the elevators,etc.Too bad we can't all live like that all the time.

I consider myself resonably intelligent and a fast learner.However the current Wall Street debacle and the Obama steps to alleviate these problems with no success on the hoizon,makes me confused and somewhat nervous.The real psychological problem for this retiree,is that Obama and his people keep talking of doom and gloom,and the "experts" see no bottom.

I think we should consider Livni's public statements about refusing to join a coalition govt. not as the final word, but as a bargaining chip.Her Ministers will not like giving up their Volvo's.In addition as they get closer to decision time re: Iran, it would be poor politics for her not to be part of a "Unity Govt."
Barak would love to stay on as Defense Min.,however he has Peretz breathing over his shoulder to challenge him for party leader.
With Uzi Landau serving as No 2 to Lieberman,together with former Amb. Danny Ayalon,Lieberman had no room to play games with Bibi regarding who he wished to have Peres choose to form a govt.
The Israeli govt. by refusing to allow the border crossings to open without Shalit,is in effect placing severe pressure on Hamas,who have lost much support among the people.This is because they cannot rebuild Gaza without the supplies that have to pass from Israel into Gaza.