Thursday, February 05, 2009

war on terror

Often times politicians talk in generalities or semantics.However Pres. Onama's avoidance of the words "war on terror" has real meaning.He claims the war concept makes it appear that we are against all Muslims or Arabs.Therefore he talks of Al Quaeda as the enemy.
Terror such as seen in Mumbai,Iraq, Hamas, Hezbollah and so on, represent an often not coordinated attack on our way of life,that has nothing to do with Ben-Ladin .It also has nothing to do with poverty or lack of education.
Years ago the Japanese terrorists who threatened Tokyo were well off and well educated.Today they have one common goal to destroy the West and return Islam to the Middle Ages.They seek to destroy Christianity and Judiasm.
This war requires economic,legal,political and military efforts. It is not a local criminal activity.Rather all the resources of our nation and the free world must remain mobilized to prevent another 9/11.
The Bill Moyers and Jimmie Carters of the world, by bending over backwards to be "evenhanded", in essence support terrorism.
A must read is the WSJ article by Judea Pearl on Feb. 3, 2009 entitled "Daniel Pearl and the normalization of evil"