Monday, February 09, 2009

Israeli electons / Sen Spector

Tomorrow ,everything that is wrong about the Israeli electoral system will come into play.Too many parties, a lack of local representation and the eventual jockeying for coalitions to create the next (unstable) govt.
Nevertheless we must remember it is the only true democracy in the region,and though we criticize,we do so as outsiders.
This election was an extremely negative campaign,though Lieberman at least emphasized loyalty to the State. Bibi did have a clear record of warning of the consequences of a Gaza withdrawal ,which came to pass.Kadimah it would appear would be the most pliable to Obama pressure to divide Jerusalem and give back the Golan.
If he does become PM, how long will it take for him to complete area A to prevent a return of the Arabs to Jerusalem.I recall when he was last PM, lobbying him on behalf of Ateret Kohanim to build at Ras-Al-Amoud to protect Ir David. Finally..finally he did it.
Israel needs election reform badly.It has been discussed in the past,and there are plans to accomplish electoral districts,so that an individual can vote for a local member of Knesset and not the Party list.The will is just not there from the entrenched leadership.


Perhaps Sen. Arlen Spector will not seek re-election, and therefore can abandon the Republican Party and his state.If he does choose to run,it is time that a real conservative challenge him in a primary.