Friday, February 06, 2009

Netanyahu-Barak / Fear vs. hope

For the last 2 days,I have been pondering to myself the ills of the Israeli electoral system.Here is Bibi, ahead in the polls criticizing the early end of operations in Gaza,and at the same time publicly hoping that Ehud Barak would stay on as Defense Minister.
The fighting within the PM's office between Olmert ,Livni and Barak underscores the problems of having different parties running a war.
My hope was that Bibi would appoint from the many former Likud Generals to the Defense post.
Today has an interesting analyses as to why Bibi's numbers are slipping at the expense of Lieberman.
Had the voters wanted Barak ,they could vote for Labor.Therefore the Barak approach of aligning Israel's interests with Cairo, ,and the premature cessation of military action have turned off many voters.
Barak emphasizes air power against the tunnels as an answer to Hamas rockets.a method he used unsuccessfully in Lebanon.
What price Avigdor Lieberman will exact to join the Govt,and will his ascendency bring about a Kadimah victory, we will see in a few days.


Obama ran in "hope" and not "fear". Yet in the last 2 days his Energy Sec. has warned California will no longer exist in the future.The President says give me my package or its doom and gloom!
So much for the bright side of politics.