Sunday, February 15, 2009

A new day !

We are in for a period where the US will have to relearn all of the lessons of history,because the President thinks that his eloquence can solve all problems.Thus Sen kerry is off to Syria and the word is out that we would love to talk directly to Iran.
We forget the humiliation we had under Pres. Carter as the Iranians held our diplomats as prisoners until Ronald Reagan was being inaugurated.We forget all the 4 country and EU talks, as well as UN resolutions against Iran all for naught.We conveniently put aside the fact that despite the last NIE report,Iran is getting closer by the day to a nuclear weapon.We don't hear the new administration talk about terror or the war on terror,or Iran being the prime source of funding and expertise for world terror.
It will take some time, bewfore it becomes clear that we cannot do business with Iran unlesss the Mullahs are out.In the meantime as we get closer to the end game,the Israelis especially Bibi, but I believe even Livni would come to the same conclusion,that they have to act unilaterally.
As for Syria the home of world terrrorist organizations,the feeder of Hezbollah,occupier of Lebanon, and partner of Iran,time after time they have embarressed our top diplomats who came seeking to have serious talks.Syria wants an unconditional Israeli surrender of the Golan,and then they may talk to them.Not lilely to happen.