Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Geithner / Bibi

All the talking heads on the cable shows give the President much credit for his news conference,interviews with the individual network anchors, and his campaign stops pushing the stimulus.
CNN had one consultant marvel that he "talked like an adult" comparing him to Bush.
I believe we are confusing being intelligent and GLIB with sound leadershiup and policy.
Today after so much expectation,the Sec. of Treasury presented a bland analyses of his bailout plan,going over well known problems,but without details,and the world markets reacted with a 4% sell-off.He had plenty of time to put together a detailed plan.If it wasn't ready,they should have held up any announcements for a few weeks.
Whether Obama learned anything from these past few weeks regarding Pelosi and Reid,remains to be determined.
I don't see the Dem. leadership inspiring the center in the economic arena. It is all campaign mode with FEAR.
The Pres. has to learn to answer questions in a 1-4 minute time period and not 10-15 minutes as he did Mon.


What a blow to Bibi.Though he may still be PM,it will be a less stable govt., then had he won 32 seats as originally thought.Similarly a Livni administration, would be even more unstable. Lieberman is tough and will make mega-demands.Can either party satisfy him?