Monday, January 12, 2009

Jimmy Carter / UN vote / Iran / GOP retirements

Isn't it time for Jimmy Carter to begin treatment for his Alzheimers?
In todays Washington Post he attacks Israel for attacking a "defensive Hamas tunnel" from Egypt into Gaza in the late part of last year .You know those defensive tunnels that bring Grad missiles into Gaza, and 'DEFENSIVELY" fire them at Israeli towns, where the residents have the nerve to want to sleep peacefully at nite.

Whether it was smart of Olmert to reveal the truth about Condi Rice and the UN vote or not I am not sure.However, Bush has been there for Israel and for that he should be blessed.The NYT story about the refusal to agree to Israel's request to allow Israel the tools to bomb Iran,shows again the inability of the NYT to protect national security.

Iran is prepared to fight to the last Palestinian.The threat by Iran to withhold arms and financial support if they agree to a ceasfire,undermines the Newsweek story this week,that claims that while Hamas gets arms and moneyfrom Iran, it does not take orders from them.

The announcement that four Republican Senators will not run for re-election in 2 years,complicates the GOP sffort to make gains in 2010.How well the economy does,and whether there will be additional Dem. scandels, will determine how the Dems will do in 2010.