Sunday, January 25, 2009

Global hoaxery / George Mitchell /NY fiasco

More than 34,000 scientists have signed a petition saying global warming is probably natural and not a crisis.Yesterday for the second time in history it snowed in the United Arab Emirate.
On March 8-10 there will be a major International Conference on Climate Control in NYC with speakers such as the Former Prime Minister of Spain and the current President of the European Union.
The drive to spend megadollars on technology not yet discovered based on the Religion called GLOBAL WARMING , IS THE SECULAR APPROACH OF LIBERALS TO RELIGION IN AMERICA.

I first met George Mitchell in 1982 when he was filling the unexpired term of Sen Ed Muskie.That summer,Mitchell of Lebanese descent was way behind in the polls for a full term.The only organized groups for him were the Pro-Israel PAC's and community.We HUVPAC) invited him to Monsey upon his victory,and he was indeed grateful for our support.
After his appontment in Oct. 2000 by Pres. Clinton to head the Mitchell Commission following the Al-Aqausa intifada,he was not really a friend in his report.He blamed the settlements as a root cause,and exonerated Arafat and the PLO.He called the PLO an "independence movement" without referring to their desire to dismember Israel.His report came to naught.
He is soft spoken,a gentleman and an experienced diplomat and mediator with great success in N. Ireland.However with Fatah and Hamas fighting and Bibi set to win,it will not be in the cards for much more than token progress-if anything.
What he has going for him is his prestige and the Obama factor.


The Pricess Caroline story brings smiles to those who believe the Kennedy era is over.Yet the NY political story will make interesting reading as we approach 2010.
Probaly AG Cuomo will challenge Gov. Paterson whose ratings have dropped.Rudy Guliani is expected to run on the Rep. side,although I wish he would run for Senate.It is probable that there will be a challenge to the new Sen.Gillibrand from some of her Congressional colleagues,Looks interesting!