Saturday, January 03, 2009

Gaza Offensive

It is disheartening to see Jewish boys sent into battle to protect their homeland.It is depressing to see the protests around the world against Israel.Yet none of these protesters raised a voice when terrorist attacks took place against innocent Israelis on buses and schools.Nor did they show concern when thousands of rockets came from Gaza ,aimed at innocent civilians.Were not the parents of these protesters , and their governments also silent when 6 million Jews were slaughtered?
A good war is what the cable networks love.Plenty of opportunity for exciting interviews and moralizing.Ratings go up at these moments.What stands out is the moral equivalency that the networks assign to the poor Palestinians and the Israelis.
Could the U.S. and the allies have conducted WWII to a successful conclusion had there been cable TV? Would the world or the public have supported a 5 year war?
After Pearl Harbor had there been a UN ,wouldn't there be a call for a cease-fire?
Where was the proportionality,when Japan only attacked a few ships and an island,and we went after the entire Japanese Empire?
We fire bombed Dresden and sent nuclear bombs against 2 Japanese cities,to repay the brutality and immorality of the Axis.Every book on that war, will convince you,that millions of our soldiers were saved by bringing the war to a conclusion.
Israel has no margin of error as it faces enemies from Hezbollah-Syria-Iran and Hamas.When you add international prssure that increases incrementally,you feel the growing isolation that Israel's leaders must feel.All the criteria for self-defense and national survival have no meaning when they relate to Jews.
Netanyahu and Livni visited Sarkozy ,yet he condemned the invasion.Thankfully the Czech President who took over the EU on Jan 1, called the actions self-defense.
Sadly there can never be a true peace in the region without the Messiah,since the Arabs cannot accept a Jewish State, and most of the world is indifferent at best, and antagonistic at worst. All this talk by the talking heads about peace etc, is just babbling.The Arabs only respect power and force-PERIOD.
We pray that Pres. Obama will show the friendship and support to Israel, that his supporters promised we would see were he to be elected.
For us in America,we cannot fight in Gaza, but we can bombard our newspapers and TV-radio talk shows and surely Congress and the White House of our feelings and prayers.Let us not be swayed by a bunch of pro-Islamists burning a flag in our country.Morality,Justice ,Fairness and History are on our side,and with the help of G-d we will prevail.