Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby it's cold outside / Hamas

As the nation freezes, and the Germans are talking of a new "ice age" we still hear the liberals talking of global warming.They refuse to look at the new data,and the new input of skeptical non-partisan scientists from all over the world.
This reminds me of the scare around the millenium,regarding computers,terror and so on.
Global warming is no less a religion than any of the established churches in the world.

In the middle of a war,with the world mobilized against Israel ,it is heartbreaking to see the PM ,and the Defense Minister fighting in public.Olmert's comments on the UN vote and Rice show a total amateurishness that undermines the relationship ,even if she will be out of office in 1 week.
Israel faces a challenge from the North,and the Hamas threat will not go away unless they are defeated, or the conditions are put into place that will allow the surrender of rockets in Gaza to a third party and their destruction,foreign monitors in Gaza,and destruction of the tunnels with a mechanism to prevent new smuggling.The idea of a moat,over a deep gulley is a possibility.However a one year time limit for a cease-fire is ridiculous.The time goes quickly, and in 18-36 months we will be back again to rockets and invasion with a stronger Hamas.Already France is indicating it will talk to Hamas.
Hillary Clinton's statement yesterday on Hamas,represents no change in her long held view in this regard.