Friday, January 16, 2009


It is a real treat to welcome the Teaneck part of our family Banji ,Ari and family to Boynton for the school break.
I have always held that on matters of security only Israelis have the right to question decisions of the govt. Nevertheless, one can raise points that enter your mind.
Why does the Israeli govt. believe that Tues. is the deadline for their military action? Will the Israelis melt in the face of Obama criticism? Don't they trust Hillary-Obama?
Are the Israelis simply going to withdraw without either collecting remaining rockets,or being replaced by a third party?
If Hamas rejects the Israeli terms,will Israel unilaterally cease fire based on a lame-duck assurance by Condi Rice?
Is Israel guaranteed that Egypt-US will stop the flow of rockets etc?
What will be Israel's response be if 1,2 ,or 10 rockets hit Sderot?
If they simply allow it to pass,what will have been accomplished by this military action?
Israelis gave up their homes,schools,synagogues industries and dreams for the Sharon/Olmert disengagement.Will Israelis one or two years from now mourn the wasted lives of this campaign when they are again mobilized.
Let us pray that there will be quiet and peace.Time will tell.