Friday, January 09, 2009


With only 5 negative votes,the House today joined the Senate in a resolution supporting Israel,and blaming Hamas. It is interesting and disgusting that the LEFT-WING SO CALLED"PRO-ISRAEL" GROUPS TRIED TO AMEND THE RESOLUTIONS TO CALL FOR A CEASE-FIRE.They failed.
What this means,is that in the future when the Community and AIPAC sponsor Congressional actions,we will not be able to take it for granted .We will have to mobilize and prevent these A-holes from destroying that which we have worked for since 1948-50 .a united pro-Israel community.
Thus it is sad to see Condi Rice abstain on a UNSC resolution,which she knows Israel cannot accept.
When I was in college,Life magazine had an issue predicting the end of the Jewish community in the US.We survived,Life didn't.Today Time magazine,raises the same question"Can Israel survive its assault on Gaza?"How long until Time is history?.It is interesting that the morale of the people in Israel is very high,and 100% of reservists have reported to their units when mobilized.70% of Israelis want the military to persist.Most ground force soldiers are 19-21 years of age.Indeed this is a war for national survival,and Israel cannot afford to lose,or to have it appear that they have lost their potency.
The Hamas are up to their old tricks,including creating fake casualties,using film from a different war, smuggling in military uniforms in food trucks,and claiming THAT THE DEAD ARE ALL CIVILIANS!
It takes a strong stomach to reject the anti-Israel bias and propoganda.The IDF has been meticulous in trying to avoid civilian casualties.