Sunday, July 24, 2005


It was described as the PLAY OF THE WEEK. Indeed the Presidents nomination of Judge John Roberts was a masterful touch. He defied those who advocated political correctness (a woman or a minority member) as well as keeping away from a highly visible controversial conservative. He settled for intellect and integrity thus disarming the hordes geared for ideological battle.
With the Nation so clearly divided on social and cultural (in addition to security) issues it is the Presidents prerogative to choose a nominee. Those who believe he would appoint a liberal, are smoking too much funny stuff. Those who want a Justice nominee who is neutral on the major issues of the day would wind up with mediocrity on the Bench..
Instead of collecting millions to fight a losing battle against any Bush nominee, people from the etc, should concentrate on winning elections. Until they do our nation has spoken-a conservative Administration and Congress and with it a conservative Court nominee. And a wonderful nominee he is.
However, the President must not stop=next week he should appoint John Bolton to the UN slot for an interim appointment. We have previously discussed the urgent need to do so
Congratulations are in order for the IPA of the Orthodox Union who played a major role in preventing Daylight Savings Time from being instituted for two additional months in order to save Energy. This change would have caused great difficulty for orthodox individuals who at certain periods and locations such as Detroit would have been unable to pray in the morning before leaving for work, due to the absence of light.
With the leadership of Sen. Craig and Cong Upton and Markey a compromise passed the Energy Comm. that would add only one week in the fall and 3 weeks in the spring to DST starting in 2007 after a period of study.
Senator John Kyl ( R ) of Arizona and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton have agreed to be the guest speakers at the HUVPAC (Hudson Valley Political Action Comm. ) dinner Sept 25 at the Atrium in Monsey. Phyllis Wind will be one of the two honorees.
Sen. Clinton was to have been the speaker last year at our dinner where I was the honoree; however the Presidents surgery caused her to cancel.
Since its inception in 1982 HUVPAC has welcomed to its Annual Dinner Senators from both sides of the aisle and from opposing political philosophies .Call the Pac office for reservations 845-364-9375