Wednesday, September 21, 2005


When I have an opportunity to see Senators Hillary Clinton and Jon Kyl this Sunday at the HUVPAC dinner I will try to interest them in my idea of the US building oil refineries and then selling them once operational.
I am all for disaster relief, but oppose a blanket 20 billion dollar package without knowing who will administer, and set priorities and over what period of time will we spend such an amount( hopefully not in a few weeks! ) Etc?
How much are private Insurance companies paying/? Should these not be deducted from the totals?
How will they prevent people with debit cards from purchasing Gucci bags? (As happened 2 weeks ago)
Is it not time to reassess all the pork in the Highway bill and other federal programs that could be used in these difficult times?
Perhaps there should be an across the board 1% cutback on all federal spending except social security and federal salaries for a six month period?
I am sure the OMB and other agencies could come up with better suggestions, but the bottom line is that the New Deal ended with Roosevelt and fiscal integrity, tax reductions and local responsibilities are what conservatives ran on in recent elections.

I have always respected Senator Leahy as an independent honest public servant. Similarly
I have known Senator Harry Reid since his days in Congress as an open and fair minded individual. Thus I am disappointed that the latter will vote against Judge Roberts, bowing to pressure from women and civil rights groups. At the same time, Sen. Leahy’s public announcement is even more courageous in light of Reid’s’ pending vote.
My friend Senator Reid forgets that elections have consequences and Judge Roberts was a judicial choice that should have sailed through like previous Democratic nominees such as the very liberal Thurgood Marshall or Sandra Day O’Conner .
I wonder if the President surmises that outside of a Liberal nominee,Reid will oppose any choice.


Last night I attended a dinner for Ateret Cohanim-The Jerusalem Reclamation Project. As I note in my autobiography I was involved with Prime Minister Netanyahu and the American administration on the issue of Ras Alamoud which today is a Jewish housing project
I met an old friend Howard Teich .He is a well known Jewish activist with a tremendous amount of insight into our community. He raised a most interesting concept that he has considered for some time to help bring together all the factions of the Jewish Community absent party or organizational label. He is concerned with a lack of unity and I believe JEWISH LEADERSHIP.
His idea is to have an organization consisting of the former Presidents of the major Jewish Organizations ,These individuals have a tremendous amount of talent and much brainpower as well as experience. Many have been, shunted aside when their terms of office expired.
Since they don’t represent an organization, perhaps their approach to issues would be less parochial. But yet their long term contacts and prestige would come into good stead should substantial unifying issues be raised and successfully agreed upon in the hope of getting the organizations to sign on.If successful they would have a strong moral voice. .
The Bush I and Clinton effort is such an example