Thursday, November 10, 2005


The Nov 10 cover of the Baltimore Jewish Times is a update on President Richard Joel. He is quoted as saying that “why not use both slogans?” referring to the flames with “Wisdom through Knowledge” and Torah U Madda with the shield.
I have no problem with that approach were it to be applied consistently. Although I have pointed out the lack of distinctiveness of the flames and the total non-Jewish universal feel-good nature of the motto Wisdom---

Page 10 of today’s Jewish Week has a ¼ page ad by YU honoring finalists in the Westinghouse competition==TWO FLAMES ; 0 for Torah U Madda
Interestingly immediately underneath this ad is a ¼ page ad for Hillel—SURPRISE-the flames are here too.( how similar!)

Page 30 an ad for the YU H.S. for Girls—ONE FLAME ---- 0- TU

Open up the YU web site and you are greeted with smiling students and the Flame but no TU. On the side is a box where you can find out about the Yeshiva College 75th Anniversary Dinner. In the box is a flame and no TU.

Contrary to what President Joel calls an “ill-informed” campaign ,I believe we have sensitized the Administration to the issues. Unfortunately, up to now they are not following their own directives. and seem to be conducting a random insertion of TU, probably assuming the controversy will die down.
As I have previously noted ,it’s not over yet !
It is quite interesting that polls in Israel seem to indicate that in the next general election should Sharon lead his party, the number two party would be a combined NRP-National Union right wing slate. Mr. Peretz who should be familiar to us as the originator of ill-timed general strikes is a classic left wing Socialist. I had the opportunity last year of bringing him before my group on our Israel mission. Should that occur ,combined with the weakness of the Bush team, and the incompetence of the Abbas PA, we should see less political/diplomatic pressure on Israel. A combined Likud-right wing coalition, should be able to finish the security fence, and complete the Maale Adumim -Jerusalem axis which is vital for security.

Congratulations to Nathan Diament on being chosen as one of Americas top 50 Jews by the Forward newspaper. Having been chosen to the number two slot on that list during my OU Presidency, I am extremely proud of Nathan and the IPA for their work on behalf of the klal. His appointment, the creation of the IPA ,the opening of a Washington office and the College Congressional Internship Program are areas that form a major part of my administrations record.
It is a well deserved honor and it merely recognizes the outstanding job he is doing .