Sunday, August 28, 2005


As I leave today for a wedding in Israel, I thought I would try to outline a few of the very dangerous pitfalls that lie ahead.

Will Mr.Abbas for the first time undertake to disarm terrorists groups? If not he will surely fail.

Will the PA and its leaders continue to threaten war if Israel proceeds with the building around Maale Adumim ? If they do it will become self-fulfilling.

Will Hamas be a serious and even majority party in the upcoming PA elections? If so it is a non-starter for the “ road-map”.

Will the terrorist groups start a major resurgence of terror, if they believe that this is in their best interests? If so how long will it take Israeli troops to be back in Gaza?

Will PM Sharon all for early elections? And will he start a new party if he loses the Likud primary? Will Uzi Landau split the anti-Sharon vote?

will the US place an inordinate amount of pressure on Sharon for further concessions?
Will the Europeans, the UN and the US insist that the PA incitement of the Palestinian population against Israel and Jews cease (especially in textbooks, etc)? If not there is no hope for peace.

Will this morning’s suicide attack be followed by condemnation and arrests by Abbas or by PA doubletalk and congratulations to the “martyrs?

These are difficult times and each of us will and should have our own questions. The one question I see no answer to is-Where are the visible tangible result of all the organizations that were to teach tolerance and comity between the orthodox and secular? From my vantage point the demonization of orthodox, especially Religious Zionists was at fever pitch.

The nation really needs a Refuah !