Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Gmar Tov /Thanks for your encouragement/ Condi is not a candidate

I wish to thank all those who have called me in support of the Torah U Madda campaign. The Yeshiva College Student newspaper had a major story as well as an op-ed and two letters to the editor on the topic. They have invited me to write an op-ed for the post –Succoth edition
Next week the Jewish Voice and Opinion in Englewood-Teaneck will have a page one story on this issue. In addition both E-mail response lines are growing with signatures

A gmar chatimah tovah to all of klal yisrael

One political thought before the fast
The talk of a Condi Rice Presidential race againt Hillary (or anyone else) IS NONSENSE
She would have to resign at least two years before ’08 to campaign. She has no political base and the White House has its own problems.
Except for Dwight Eisenhower we have never elected a non-politician as Chief Executive.
Sen Jon Kyl (R-Az) informed me that if he passes a physical exam Sen John McCain,will announce in “06. He is an old friend and Vietnam comrade. (he had a melanoma a few years ago )Don’t forget Gov Bush of Florida who speaks perfect Spanish.Also Juliani and Pataki.
From where I sit the Democratic nomination is Hillary’s to lose. I just invited her to join us Chol Hamoed Pesach to speak at the old Granit Hotel where I serve as a scholar-in-residence. No I’m not turning into a liberal Democrat, but she is still one of the most important figures in the US Senate