Friday, October 07, 2005

KUDOS to JULIUS BERMAN/ Our new nominee/Abbas to the White House 10/7/05

Over the last 10 days Yeshiva University has run a number of ads in the Jewish Week and Jewish Press.These include a picture of a group of Rabbi participants in Rabbi Branders new program, and an ad for a combined lecture in the Jewish Center by Rabbi J .J. Schachter .
In only one ad for RIETS was the Torah Umadda emblem present while all the rest had the non-sectarian flames. This is due to the insisistence of RIETS Board Chairman Julius Berman..He is to be commended for standing up for principle.
I urge the public to apply pressure on the Board Chairmen of the various divisions that deal with Torah issues. to stand up and show leadership.

Chairman of the entire University

Joshua Muss
Chairman Yeshiva College

Marjorie Diener Blenden
Chairman Stern College for Women

Mordecai D. Katz
Chairman Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies

Moshel J Straus
Chairman Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration

Erica Jesselson
Chair YU MUSEUM (affiliate)

As well as the two High Schools.
Searching the web site today the only place one can see the old emblem is at the H.S. site.

Even if the Torah Umadda logo were put back into these schools advertisements, it in no way relieves the Yeshiva from restoring it to the University .
I again urge you to make the petition drive a success.

I am deeply disappointed by the choice of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court.With 55 Republicans and a mandate from the electorate during the last election, we get not a Scalia or a Thomas ,but a big question mark that smells from cronyism.
Her claim to fame is a conversion to religion , a $ 150 campaign check to Cong Henry Hydes campaign as well as her boyfriends assurances that she is really a conservative. How sad for America.I would rather a person with a record be voted down because of his/her views than settle for a non-personality with no record.

On that same track, I believe the President is making a mistake by inviting Mahmoud Abbas to the White House. Since meeting with the President, he has not carried out a single positive step toward peace. He has not put an end to incitement, or exhibited any control over Hamas,Islamic Jihad etc. As long as these groups are armed, and he has a no confidence vote around his neck from the PA Parliament,what is the purpose of propping up such a weak ineffectual leader?

Allow me to wish a GMAR CHATIMAH TOVA TO ALL