Saturday, April 22, 2006

The new cabinet 4/21/06

The big winner in the announcement of Cabinet positions in Israel is the Volvo Corporation.With the largest cabinet in history (27) a record number of cars will be distributed .Along with each of course are the offices, staff,security detail and the other priviledges of cabinet rank including a travel budget.
Sadly as rumored Amir Peretz the Labor Party leader,will serve as Defense Minister.His military experience is nil,and his main claim to fame aside from rebuilding Labor was as head of Histadrut.M.K. Ephraim Sneh, a former General with service in the Defense Ministry under Rabin and Barak will be the deputy to Peretz.
Politics is a tough game and current Defense Minister Mofaz who hesitated before joining Kadimah,was left out in the cold.
The major issues facing Israel include the daily rocket attacks from Gaza,the everpresent Hamas threat and the nuclearization of Iran.All of these fall under the responsibility of the Defense Ministry.Not only does Peretz have no experience in these matters, he does not speak english.Nor does he have a relationship with the Pentagon including the civilian leadership therein.
Politically from the point of view of Olmert,this is the best deal he can make.Assigning the Finance Ministry to Peretz would have bankrupted the system.From a security point of view it is a frightening choice.The day to day decisions regarding the IDF response to terror must meet the approval of the Defense Minister.Is Peretz up to it? As we have said previously stay tuned.