Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sen Lott- a rebuttal 4/6/06

The Canonist a Jewish blog attacks me for endorsing Sen Trent Lott's return to leadership in the Senate.I am fully aware of his statement at a dinner (I believe honoring )praising the old segregationst Strom Thurmond,and indeed at the time viewed video of the event.
I looked at it as pure puffery without any real meaning.Politicians like all of us often say foolish things that they later regret.Our talmud is full of such examples of puffery that people use in day to day activities.Trent was embellishing in an
off the cuff talk about an elderly Senator with a long record in the Congress ( and certainly no friend of ours)
If one listens to the talk on the floor of the Senate, one realizes that most of the mutual praise is pro-forma.
Nevertheless I did not think then or now that he should have resigned.He was a great leader of his party, an outstanding friend of Israel from his days in the House.
I met him on many occasions and know full well his close association with the Jewish community in the South ,as well as nationally.
All the years that I headed HUVPAC we did our best to give him a maximum PAC contribution.For this I am indeed thankful for the Hakorat Hatov we were able to exhibit to a great friend .
Should we be fortunate enough to see him in a real leadership position ,our community would surely benefit.