Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Israeli Response 6/27/06

The mobilization by Israel forces at the gates of Gaza look like (at least at this moment) play acting.First we were told that there was a 24 hour deadline for the safe return of the kidnappeded soldier, then 48 hours.
The problem is that Israel has been threatening Hamas and the terrorists of major catastrophic military responses if the daily rocket attacks did not stop.
Guess what-they haven't stopped and there has been only isolated Israeli responses that get sidelined when a palestinian civilian is killed.If Israel now turns away from their public response, it will be a sign of weakness that the enemy will surely take advantage of.

Hamas,Islamic Jihad and other groups have no regard for Israeli lives.Even todays alleged agreement between Hamas and the PA allows for attacks on Israelis in post 1967 territory.There is no public offer to stop terrorism, disband their gangs and accept diplomacy and peace with full recognition of Israel.
What they have agreed upon,as well as the Prisoners Referendum, is only a pathway for the destruction of Israel.
The civilian leadership of the IDF -Minister Peretz and PM Olmert have failed to show decisive and logical leadership since the Gaza withdrawal.
There was to have been military,political ,economic and social benefits for the country with the Gaza withdrawal.
The daily rockets attacks speak to a security crisis.
The housing ,educational and economic conditions of so many of the settlers who were removed are abysmal.
The world,has not endorsed CONVERGENCE as a final step for Israel.Giving back land including Jerusalem in the absence of a peace partner defies common sense.It will only bring enemy rockets and tunnels closer to the main population centers.