Friday, June 23, 2006

The Left and the war on Terrorism 6/24/06

All my life I have loved to debate,discuss and analyze politics.I learned this from my late father of blessed memory, and tried to pass it along to my own children.The goal has always been to discuss issues with intellectual passion and civility.Once the "debate" was over normal relationships continued as per pre-debate.
Lately, I have noted the anger and loss of civility on the part of many liberals.Time and again when they hear you say praise for President Bush,V.P. Cheney and other Republicans they start cursing using four letter words.Not that I have never been exposed to such outbreaks, but I find it amazing that "liberals" who champion free debate etc are so closed minded.
Thus it was not out of character when CNN and more than a few viewers blasted the arrests of the terrrorist suspects in Florida as a ploy to raise Bush's ratings.
The actions of the Democrats in the Senate to force a surrender and run policy will come back to haunt them.
Even as most Americans applaud the President for interdicting the money supplies of the terrorists, and upsetting their lines of communications,liberals are confused and without an alternate policy to fight terrorism.They appear united only on a desire to elect Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.
It is in this light that liberal Democrats are threatening to defeat Sen Joe Lieberman in the Ct. primary,primarily because of his support of the President on Iraq and terrorism.
The war on terror is a threat universally.It is only the leadership of the Bush admistration that is pushing even friendly allies to take a more pro-active stance.