Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The ABC docu-drama/ chickens in Monsey 09/12/06

Had the Democrats not screamed and made such a commotion regarding the ABC docu-drama, probably one third of the viewers would not have tuned in.Others would have assumed that much of it was part fiction.
The protests certainly ignited the suspicion level of those in doubt regarding the Administrations lack of understanding as to the nature of the threat. It was a powerful and well acted piece.
The controversy regarding a "police problem" versus a world-wide effort by Islamic
radicals to destroy our way of life still goes on ,especially in Europe.


I tried to listen carefully to President Bush's address to the nation last nite.I tried to judge his talk purely from a "patriotic" point of view,and was moved by his resolve to preserve and protect the homeland, and be pro-active against world terrorism.
It was difficult for me to listen to attacks on his address by partisans.It seems that no matter what he would have said,he would have been accused of "playing politics" with 9/11.


The chicken scandel in Monsey has brought to the forefront a number of issues.
There is a potential inherent problem for any (meat)restaurant ,butcher etc,
where the Rav Hamachshir and the Mashgiach (those resposible for the daily supervision of kashruth) ,come in for inspections once a week or once a month.In addition, if the mashgiach does not have the sole key to the freezer/refrigerator,and is not present at the moment of deliveries,to check the origin and status of shipments,the problem is compounded.
In the human experience,there is no absolute prevention of fraud and thievery.Neveretheless, the kashruth systems inaugurated by major organizations,lead to a high standard ,that is computerized,with systems of checks that seeks to remove the profit motive of an individual Rabbi-supervisor /entrepeneur.
The system of individual Rabbis, often without specialized expertise in food technology(such as the complex field of flavoring)giving out multiple certifications to local stores large and small,should be a thing of the past.
The OU,has spent millions of dollars in recent years on technology and computerization in kashruth.
One should not assume, that wearing the garb of the 'chassidic or Yeshiva world',
is a guarantee for honesty,morality or integrity, either between man and man ,or man and G-d.
Greed and a total lack of concern for a fellow Jew or human being can allow individuals to rationalize their evil actions.
As consumers,and as those seeking a higher level of spirituality in our everyday life
we should follow the old axiom:Et caveat emptor" let the buyer beware.In the case of kashruth,take nothing for granted.