Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Airport Security 9/6/06

I have just returned from a cruise to the Greek Islands.Both before and after I had the opportunity to fly .
I am quite confused regarding the new security procedures we went through.As we approached Security in Newark Airport,all liquids had to be discarded.Based upon the plot in Great Britain,I had no problem with that.
Once in the terminal beyond Security ,one could buy water ,Coke etc and walk right up to the gate with that in hand.At that point individuals were once again asked to discard the bottles.
What is to stop a passenger from putting a botttle into a pocket or carry-on?
Furthermore,an interesting sight in the plane galley during the nite was a tray of water in cups for use by the passengers.
I had heard that they were preventing computers,cell phones I-pods and cameras from carry-ons,but such was not the case.
It seems the rules change almost daily.
On the return flight, as we approached the plane door,there were tables where each carry-on was opened and inspected.
Here too,I saw a lady with two hand-held bags,but the attendant only looked at one.
A gentleman of about 75-80 years of age was carrying a tube of a medication in creme form.The attendant demanded that the passenger produce a prescription from his physician to document the need for the medication.
When a doctor writes a prescription ,the patient hands it in to the pharmacist and does not keep a copy for oneself. I volunteered to look at the medicine container ,however the attendant refused my offer,and discarded the medicine while the gentleman pleaded his case.
It was a perfect example of looking for toothpaste and not for terrorists.This man was surely not a terrorist.However, in our zeal for political correctness we profile not islamic young men for further questioning , but such an elderly medicine carrier.