Thursday, August 24, 2006

Talis & Tfillin on a plane / Amnesty International 8/24/06

I had heard conflicting reports regarding the ability to carry ones Talis and Tfillin as carry-on luggage during the current security situation.
I called my Congressman(and good friend),Eliot Engel (D-NY),to speak to the TSA in Washington for a definitive ruling.
He called this afternoon,and assured me ,that there is no problem with the T&T.However, if one was stopped ,they should request a "private screening".Therefore one should add another 30 minutes to the pre-boarding time,should that become necessary.

How not unexpected is the attack on Israel by Amnesty International for its bombing campaign in Lebanon against Hezbollah,accusing them of" war crimes".
Not mentioned are the 4000 rockets against indiscriminate civilian targets in N.Israel.
Not mentioned are the 16,000 homes and civilian shops destroyed in that area by Hezbollah.
Not mentioned are the Israeli civilian casualties,and the 1 million Israelis forced
to endure for one month in shelters.
Not mentioned are the 1000 rockets by Hamas against civilian targets in S. Israel,starting the day that Israel withdrew from Gaza.
Not mentioned is the failure of Hezbollah and Hamas to allow Red Cross visitation to the kidnapped Israeli soldiers.
Not mentioned is the continuous violations of International law,when Hezbollah not wear uniforms, and hide within civilian homes and areas ,and use their weapons of destruction intermittently (so as to allow Amnesty the ability to claim that Israel has violated international law,when they respond).

If anything as I wrote two days ago,too many Israeli military lives were lost because they went out of their way to avoid civilian casualties.

Where is Amnesty Int. as hundreds of civilians are slaughtered each day in Iraq, in the name of Islam?

Who is guilty of "war crimes"?
Israel trying to protect itself from an unprovoked attack, or Amnesty Intrnational protecting the 2006 version of Naziism?

One final point!
In international law the response of a nation that has been attacked,is not proportional to the damage incurred,but to the threat!