Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hypocrisy/ 8/03/06

Every day the NYT and other media reports on the loss of innocents in Iraq and now again in Afghanistan.Many victims are children ,while others are adults (non-combatants) blown up while attending funerals,religious services or trying to travel to work.Buses are hijacked ,and the occupants found blindfolded and slaughtered.
It is a rare day,that upwards of 100 civilians are not murdered in sectarian violence.
Strangely,we witness not a single demonstration or march in a Muslim Country or in Europe ,or Australia/New Zealand against such inhumanity.
When however Hezbollah,fighting without uniforms(thereby giving up any protection of the Geneva Convention),park their armementariun and rocket launchers within civilian populations (who they use as human shields),the world screams when Israel unavoidably injures or kills some civilians, in the course of self defense.(which is of course the aim of Hezbollah).
"Where do Jews get off defending themselves with such dispaportionality "screams the world.
"Jews are supposed to suffer and not be victorious or build a homeland"
"JEWISH BLOOD HAS ALWAYS BEEN CHEAP"-and the world is prepared to say Amen.
As far as the world is concerned,it is only Pres. George Bush that is obstructing
the efforts of the French,the UN and the Arab world to bring about a Hezbollah victory(with a lot of Olmert/Peretz incompetence).
As we've said before anti-semitism is alive and flourishing.