Monday, July 31, 2006

Orthodox synag in Boynton finds a home/where are red cross visits for Israeli soldiers held as hostages ? 7/31/o6

I am so happy to pass the word along that after a difficult year,the Boynton Beach fl
orthodox congregation has a new permanent home.Cong Anshei Chesed,will be the first ashkenazic shul in Boynton and after some renovations, will be open for services for the HIGH HOLIDAYS.
Not only have they acquired a building that is in walking distance to all the housing complexes that are off El Clair Road,they have also been accepted as a member synagogue in the OU (Union of Orthodox Congregations of America).Next on tap will be a Rabbinic intern , and a series of guest scholars-in-residence for the year.
Since that region is the fastest growing Jewish community in S. Florida,I predict that within five years, the orthodox component of the community will rise to the level of Boca.Especially since housing is somewhat more reasonable (and newer)than other areas such as Miami Beach ,Boca and Delray.The latter two areas are within 10 minutes and 20 minutes respectively by car from Boynton.
The leadership of the new synagogue deserve great credit for perserverance and steadfastness.The president of the synagogue is Adam Rosen,and one of the vice-presidents is Elie Francis(he lives there year-round)and they can be reached for information.


The Human Rights Committee of the UN (an oxymoron)attacked the US for its treatment of prisoners who fought in Afghanistan without uniforms,and should be exempt from the Geneva Convention.Did anyone read a word about the three Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Hamas and Hezbollah?
Any word on the Red Cross visiting them?


When Hezbollah intentionally uses civilians to protect their guerillas hoping that when innocent civilians will be hurt or killed the world will attack Israel,the outcome is predetermined.For Israel to react and cut off major air attacks even for a short period of a result of these unfortunate incidents is a major blunder.
The clock is running,and if we don't see a major move forward,even Pres Bush will
not be able to indefinitely prevent a cease fire sans an Israeli victory.