Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ashkelon-What Next? 7/05/06

  1. The Ashkelon attacks,elevate the terror problem to a new but unfortunately not unexpected level.That no Israeli has been killed, or major infrastructre damaged is irrelevant.
    No country in the world would tolerate such daily attacks on its soil without a masive response.Of course we understand that terror can never be 100% prevented, but this is state sponsored and approved, and is intolerable.
    Whether the immediate goal is to create a buffer zone that will keep the rockets beyond their range into Israel,or some other military solution,the citizens of Ashkelon and Sderot were promised security after disengagement-and didn't get it.
    Already Switzerland and S. Africa have attacked the Israeli limited response.(How many Jews died or were cheated of their financial property because of Swiss "neutrality"and "integrity"?)
    Why is the S African UN civil rights investigator only charged to investigate Israeli violations, but not HAMAS, HIZBOLLAH, ISLAMIC JIHAD and AlQueda?
    The stirrings of Hizbollah in the north ,with a threat to open a second front are of course serious developments,to which the Beirut government has been warned of.
    Israel has the military might and its political leadership must show the will.
    The enemy will quickly understand Israel's weakness if it fails to carry out its mission.
    I am usually no fan of Tom Friedman,but he hits the nail on the head when he notes that the Palestinians had the power to take the Gaza settlements that Israel abandoned, and create a model society.Alas,once again they have blown it,and with it any trust or credibility that mght have accrued.