Thursday, July 06, 2006

N Korea- our patience is not endless 7/06/06

Imagine how history might have been changed, if Pres Truman had listened to Gen McArthur in the Korean war.Of course, the General was insubordinate, and the President had no choice but to fire him.
Nevertheless,had Truman accepted the plan to cross the Yalu River,and destroy the Chinese Communist invaders,perhaps -just perhaps there would be no N. Korea today.No maniac who threatens the world with missiles and nuclear, war but cannot feed his people.Who knows if the face of Communist China would be more open and democratic today,had we destroyed their air force and tanks.
Of course we might still be at war with China,and one can never second guess the past.
Certainly when Iran unloads a shipment of N. Korean missiles,we can ask ,What if....

We are told that the N Korean leader simply wants some one on one attention.That may be so, but in no way lessens the threat to world peace.We need not act as psychiatrists.
The Chinese oppose sanctions because they are concerned that the collapse of N Korea might bring an avalanche of hungry immigrants fleeing across the border.However ,as the prime supporter of N Korea ,they can place the type of pressure on the North that can be meaningful.
Russia is up to her old tricks.We should recall that only a Soviet walk-out at the Security Council allowed, UN troops to be dispatched to save the South in 1950.
Yes, it is true that diplomacy takes time,however we must let the Russians and Chinese know that there will be a price to pay for refusing to join the Japanese sanction resolution.
The actions taken here (or lack of same) SURELY WILL NOT BE MISSED BY IRAN.