Monday, July 03, 2006

Senator Joe Lieberman 7/03/06

Todays announcement by Sen. Lieberman that if he loses the Ct. Democtaic primary in August, he will run as an independent, confirms the polling that seems to indicate that he indeed wll not win the primary.
I spoke to him on Thurs,and he seemed confident that he would at the end be victorious.Political insiders that I spoke to yesterday seem to confirm that impression.
It is quite amazing that Democratic party voters would defeat an individual with such an oustanding Senate record, who only four years ago was the party standard bearer for Veep.
Like Cong. Chris Shays (R-CT) , they are in trouble because of their support of Pres. Bush and the war on terror.
Hopefully both will be returned to Congress.What is even more upsetting is that Jewish supporters of Chris,(in his district) do not appreciate the key role he has played in the pro-Israel leadership in the Congress.