Friday, July 21, 2006

A pre-shabbat thought 7/21/06

Isn't it amazing!
For well over six years, Hezbollah has acted as a state within a state in Lebanon , and has built secure neighborhoods in Southern Beirut closed to all but their own shiites.They have constructed bunkers and with the aid of Syria and the Iranian guard have taken over the southern part of Lebanon.Despite UN Security Council resolution 1559,and the withdrawal of Israel to recognized international borders ,they have built up a stockpile of 12-13,ooo missiles pointing at Israel.All of these actions threaten Lebanon and the ME.
Despite it all the Lebanese government sat quietly without public criticism of Hezbollah.
But now, as Israel threatens in a defensive mode to enter Lebanon to dislodge Hezbollah, and save the independence of the Lebanese democracy,we see the Prime Minister of Lebanon threatening military action against Israel.
I must have missed something, but one thing is clear...Anti-semitism is alive and well.It is 1936all over again.Luckily we have George Bush as our Pres, and not Gore or Kerry.