Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Press Coverage 7/19/06

Isn't it amazing.Each hour the tv and radio announce the casualties in the Israel-Hezbollah conflict.
On the Israeli side, so many military, and so many civilians have lost their lives.
In Lebanon, amazingly there are no Hezbollah deaths,only INNOCENT CIVILIANS.
The campaign to villify the IDF is surely enhanced by CNN.Yesterday I spent a good deal of time going from channel to channel.I could not objectively tell you if CNBC,MSNBC or Fox tilted their coverage in one direction or the other.In the case of CNN however, it was crystal clear, as their correspondent was taken on an exclusive tour by a Hezbollah tour guide.
Not one difficult question was asked as the terrorist spokesman yelled about the civilian housing damage.Here in an area where no outsider was allowed ,the leadership of Hezbollah resided and weapons stored in homes, schools hospitals and bunkers.
It was not enough to hold this distorted interview, CNN saw fit to run it over and over again all day.
Indeed the CNN emphasis was on showing that U.S. inaction was causing great harm to peace,rather than an opportunity to destroy a terrorist organization.
The choice of John Bolton as our UN representative cetainly has been shown to be a great choice.