Thursday, August 17, 2006

Terrorism 8/17/06

There are those ( primarily Democrats ) who declare that our role in Iraq is the root cause of Islamic terrorism.
There are those who claim that Israel's occupation of the Golan/West Bank/Gaza is the cause of the Arab and Islamic desire to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.
And,there are those who believe that disaffected young unemployed,uneducated Muslims
who are not given a chance to assimilate into their respective communities ,as the
prime cause of suicide applicants in the islamo-fascist terrorist apparatus.

Sadly, these people do not study history,or they do not learn the lessons of the past.

World Trade Center 1 and 2 preceeded our involvement in Iraq.
The killings of Rabbi Meir Kahane and Ari Halberstam ,both preceded Iraq.
The Kobe Towers and the 1983 Beirut Marine massacre ,likewise preceded Iraq.
Multiple Taliban and Al Quaeda plots were hatched before Iraq.
The very same modus operandi of blowing up planes in mid-air using liquid bombs that was uncovered last week in London was aborted in the Pacific when Ramzi Yousef had a
"work accident" in the Phillipines ,again long before Iraq.

Arabs massacred Jews in 1929 in Palestine long before there was a Jewish state.
Arab nations attacked Israel many times before the "occupation".
When Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza,Hamas gave them a present of firing rockets into Israel, and capturing a soldier.
When Israel withdrew from Lebanon behind international borders we witnessed the Hezbollah response.
It is the non-acceptance of Israel that is the root cause ,which prevents true peace in the area.

Many of the suicide bombers, are highly educated,employed family people.They would prefer to sacrifice their lives and that of their children to satisfy a religious fanatisicm that will accept only the demise of all non-muslims.

We in the West,have tolerated and encouraged their growth and expansion in the name of "multiculturalism."We have refused to soundly criticize the Islamic Community for failure to condemn and isolate these radicals.

The war in Iraq was a just endeavor at its inception.Many tactical mistakes were made,including the number of US troops,and the disbanding of the Iraqi army.
The main lesson we have learned in Iraq and with the Palestinians,is that free elections among an unprepared electorate with no history of democracy,only serves the most organized and radical elements.
Yes ,we should get out as soon as possible.But,to run and set a fixed timetable
is a recipe for disaster for us, and victory for Iran.

Finally,if Democrats like Lamont,decry the Bush record on terrorism,let them outline their plans to control world terrorism.
Specifically they should be asked ;
Do you support ;
1. the Patriot Act ?
2. the NSA wiretapping (today held unconstitutional by a federal judge ?
3. profiling at airports ?
4. the methods used in England (holding suspects 20 days without charges)?
If not, -what are your proposals ?

Absent a real program,with tough measures,Americans should keep control of the Congress from the Democrats.
Can you imagine a SPEAKER PELOSI?