Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Can Israel still win? 8/08/06

I have not written much about the war in Lebanon for two reasons.
Firstly I am sickened with the political/military performance of the government,to the point that I am watching less and less cable news.
Secondly, I am sensitive to the charges of many, that after all I am not a General, and should leave the war to the professionals.
My blog of July 27 quotes from Caroline Glick's JP column regarding the military leadership. The military shakeup today confirms these doubts.
It is not only the military that needs a shake-up but the security cabinet.It needs the addition of some seasoned military men or civilians who were involved in the Ministry of Defense.These include Moshe Arens, General Armidror (former head of military intelligence ) and Gen Yaalon (former military Chief of Staff). There are plenty of such men available.
Even the pace of Security Cabinet meetings appear to be routinely scheduled,instead of responding to the realization that things are not going well.(2-3 weeks ago)
Yes I am not a military man, but unless they get not 5000 but 15-20,000 additional
ground troops to seal the Litani ,Israel will have a hard time stopping the rockets into the north.
Hezbollah will only accept an international force in the south, if its force is degraded in that region.
After the war there must be real soul searching on failures in intelligence,training, tactics, and the weaponry and equipment supplied to reserve troops.