Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The lesson of Joe ! 8/09/06

Much has been written, and much more will be written in the months ahead, regarding the Ned Lamont victory.
But one picture tells it all.The campaigners and celebrants pretty much portray Lamont.
Rev Al Sharpton ,Jesse Jackson , Cong. Maxine Waters, standing and campaigning with the victor.Together with DNC Chairman Dean, Michael Moore, George Soros and Move, speak to the capture of the Democratic Party by the far-left.
It's too early to tell,but the 2008 election could really pit two diametrically opposing philosophies against each other.A strong national defense and a serious war on islamic fascism versus lip service to national security but primarily appeasement to the European and UN approaches to world conflict(surrendering our leadership of the free world),and looking upon terrorism as a criminal problem.
Perhaps more rational moderate Democratic leadership will stand up to the plate before then and save the party( and our country from such a divisive battle)
In the meantime --GO JOE-GO .