Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Islamization of Europe.

I appreciate my son Elli blogging for me while I was on a Baltic cruise.
One of the topics that I covered during my lectures on Kosherica's cruise, was on the challenges of radical Islam .Certainly much has been written about the changing of the face of Europe,and the dangers the West faces in this battle ,which we appear to be losing.One of the sources that I quoted was a book published a year ago LONDONISTAN.
I have tried to keep up with not only the news,commentaries and pubications on the European-Islamic dynamics, but nothing prepared me for the culture shock of my 1 1/2 days in London at the conclusion of our trip.
I have visited London an a number of occasions,and always noted the Middle-East influence .We stayed at a hotel at Heathrow,and took the Undergroud,to get into the city and public buses within London.This time it was quantitatively different.
The huge numbers of Women totally clad in black from head to toe was shocking.Huge families travel together,mostly speaking some non-English Arabic dialect.A visit to Harrods, and Selfridges,found the store occupied by perhaps 50-60% easily identifiable Muslims and middle eastern types. It was the first time that I hesitated to wear a yarmulke in public,and wore a baseball cap.
Of course I cannot tell who are visitors,and who are living permanently in England.The scene at Heathrows.simply duplicated our impressions from within the city.
The Arab /Muslim influence is great and the impresssions gained seem to fortify the published works, that indicate that barring some unforseen halt to immigration,a reversal of the low birth rates of white Europeans,or a civil war in Europe,the Islamization of Europe is proceeding rapidly under the eyes of the helpless Europeans.