Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Under ideal circumstances,I would like OUR next President to be a moral and outstanding citizen who would act as a moral compass for our youth.This of course would be in addition to his/her understanding the issues as I do.Political courage,leadership etc are what I would hope for.
The world is less than perfect(of course that includes me!)and as we start getting into the campaign, we have to to seperate that which is vital,to that which perhaps to use the vernacular,I would have to hold my nose in order to support the candidate.
This is no ordinary election.The war against Islamic fundamentalism,dwarfs every social issue.There is little margin for error.
To me the Democrats have forfeited their claim as being strong on security/defense.Their whole conduct in the wire-tapping and Defense budget issues, clearly show, that their eyes are in left field on the Kos and Co. bloggers.Even Hillary,who I thought because of her Armed Service Comm service ,would maintain a middle of the road approach,is running scared to the left.Surely,she will turn toward the center after she sews up the nomination.But can you trust what she says?
To me, the choice of Rudy is a no-brainer.Honestly, I was waiting to see if Newt would get into the race.Thompson,has been a disappointment,both for lack of substance and for campaigh mismanagement.
Rudy,has been consistent,and above all,HE GETS IT!
The two issues of security and the US-Israel relationship which to me trump all others,find Rudy in a class all by himself.
We remember his returning the Saudi Princes' check after 9/11, and his old heaveho for Yassir .His accomplishments in making NYC governable,portends well for a Guliani administration.
Rudy is on the right path with taxes,the economy and health care(which so far is not totally thought out).
Abortion,gun control are all secondary issues as we face existential issues.Similarly his personal life,certainly raises many questions.However, if we look at Roosevelt,Kennedy,and Clinton of our modern Presidents,these issues are not new.
Certainly,I would rather have Rudy as he is,then a weak President who has had a perfect personal family history.