Saturday, February 12, 2005

Dr Dean on Call

Yaaaahooo ! The cry of Gov Howard Dean that was the butt of Jay Leno et al jokes may become the official calling card of the Democratic National Committee. With his election as chairman, we see a victory for the activist left wing of the party.

I am sort of surprised that former Pres Clinton did not use his extensive political contacts and skill to bring about a more moderate and mainstream victor. This cannot be good news for Senator Hillary Clinton who as the front-runner for the 2008 presidential race will want to move the party toward the center. In fact President Clinton looks sort of drawn since his surgery, and may be lacking energy which is common in the immediate post cardiac surgery period.

As for pro-Israel activists I see nothing positive about his election. Other than being married to a Jewish woman (which to me is a negative for our people and for our battle against intermarriage and assimilation) there is nothing in his record or his campaign that would make me comfortable with his leadership. For unlike other party Chairman whose task is to carry out the party platform, DEAN SURELY SEES HIMSELF AS A PROPONENT OF A LIBERAL SHIFT IN HIS PARTY AS A PATH TO VICTORY.

To paraphrase an op-ed (Brooks) in the NY Times his election will guarantee that the Dems will carry Berkley for a long time. As for Republicans there is a smile on our faces, but we should not be come smug or overconfident. Dean is tough, energetic, and backed by the money wing of the left.