Sunday, February 13, 2005

Public Health Priorities 2/13/05

The report of a new virulent strain of HIV_AIDS resistant to most anti-viral medications is obviously a worrisome occurrence. We now receive amplification that this individual had hundreds of unprotected sexual partners while high on methamphetamine.

This raises the politically incorrect thought as to what are societal obligations in public health dollars in light of such deviant immoral and illegal activity. Based upon mortality figures Aids research is far ahead in government research dollars received per annual number of deaths in the U.S. than heart disease, alzheimers or cancer.

There are so many diseases that we witness in our daily lives that we really do not fully understand their cause and cure that require research dollars .Some may be genetic, others environmental or infectious. We need allocation of research sources not by political pressure or correctness, but by the number of Americans at risk, suffering and succumbing to a particular disease.