Sunday, February 27, 2005

Tel Aviv Attack 2/27/05

W e are all HORRIFIED by the terrible terrorist attack in the Stage Niteclub in Tel Aviv this past Friday nite. But, we are also saddened by a report in this mornings Jerusalem Post internet edition.

The Post reports that nine of 49 seniors on a six week Solomon Schechter Israel program were in the bar at the time of the explosion. It implies that perhaps others were on the nearby beach at the same time. Thankfully none were injured.

IF TRUE, there arise a myriad of questions. What were they doing on Shabbat nite in the club? What about the teachers and parents who were supposed to supervise? I am sure each of you could come up with your own pedagogical questions.

One would have hoped that seniors in a Jewish Day School even if under Conservative auspices would have a different feeling for the sanctity of the Shabbat than frolicking in the club. Some teacher or Rabbi on the program should have gone over the weekly torah portion of KI TISAH which speaks of Sabbath observance.

It is hoped that the responsible parties will plan the rest of the trip and future such missions in a more spiritual and JEWISH atmosphere.

In that regard I want to pay tribute to the Frisch Yeshiva High School (of Paramus N.J.) senior program whom I met last week in Jerusalem. Their entire trip was dedicated to CHESED (CHARITY-GOOD DEEDS-KINDNESS). I observed them in their daily prayers, their conduct in the hotel lobby and their ambitious chesed schedule. They actually inspired me with one or two projects that I will mimic on our mission to Israel this May.

Their demeanor and seriousness were truly a KIDDUSH HASHEM (glorification of G-D’s name).