Friday, March 31, 2006

Hamas and withdrawal 3/31/06

I came across an interview with a left wing Meretz voter who felt that following an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank,it is inevitable that Hamas will be weakened and the battle will be over.
Alas history teaches us differently.Hitler did not stop his aggression after Chamberlains surrender.The Japanese did not stop fighting after we evacuated the Phillipines and Mainland China would attack Taiwan tomorrow if they did not fear the US despite conquering the mainland..
Hamas is a religious and not a secular group.They have avoided corruption and sacrificed their lives for a principle they believe in-Israel has no place in the middle-east and that Palestine is theirs. They are not afraid of international condemnation and believe their economic needs will be met by Iran and other arab countries.
To withdraw no matter how the Israelis make rationalizations is, in the hearts and minds of the Palestinians total Israeli surrender to the heroic Hamas efforts.What is needed in their warped opinions is greater terror and pressure on Israel who do not have the stomach for prolonged pressure.