Saturday, March 25, 2006

Kudos to the WSJ /More Rice pressure 3/25/06

Kudos to the Wall St Journal editorial today on "THE ISRAEL CONSPIRACY" by Bret Stephens.His last line sums up the "power" of the pro-Israel lobby.
He discusses Robert Bartley ,former WSJ editor who supported democracies all over the world."In this respect ,and like so many of us who are friends of the Jewish State, he was not privy to an Israeli conspiracy but part of an American consensus."
This follows a similar great editorial in the NY Sun on Thurs.

Once again Sec Rice has applied pressure on the Israeli Govt. to re-open the Karni Gaza crossing despite security threats.The Israelis have offered alternative crossings,but the PA for political reasons have rejected them.One reason is the huge amount of graft and kickbacks to PA politicians at the Karni crossing.
Sec Rice should apply the pressure on the palestinians and not the Israelis.