Thursday, March 30, 2006

Olmert and the 70,000 3/30/06

However , when you consider that almost half did not vote, and Kadimah received less than 1/4 of the seats (29 of 120 ) this is certainly less than a vote of confidence in Ehud Olmert.(1/4 of 1/2)
There is no doubt that Israel needs electoral reform-31 or so parties is ridiculous.But basically as I pointed out before the elections,the people are tired of war and of the threats of the sorrounding Arabs.Perhaps if Sharon had been on the ballot, the people would have responded by giving him a real mandate for " seperation or convergence".
The in-fighting between the potential leaders of the Olmert Cabinet has already started.It is possible that there will not be a religious party in the group.Question? How long can such a cabinet and government last?Does Olmert have the power and political skills to keep his potential partners in line ? Stay Tuned!
Ehud Olmert until proven otherwise has not exhibited the great national leadership that Israel needs in this critical moment.
It is clear that the new government will proceed with the evacuation of 70,000 Jews over a two to three year period. My question is- HOW WILL THEY ACCOMPLISH THIS given the trauma and cost of the Gaza withdrawal which was only 8,000 settlers.?
Even if they do it piece-meal will they have to mobilize the entire police force and army? Where are the hotel rooms,schools,jobs and homes for such a group? What will be the cost ? Do they believe that the US Congresss will appropriate billions for it? HIGHLY UNLIKELY!
OR, do they expect American Jewry to pay for it by buying ISRAEL BONDS that will be repaid in the future?
Should not American Jews who normally buy Bonds know if their money will be used to relocate JEWS in order to make the designated areas JUDENREIN?


The news that US officials smuggled material for two dirty bombs with forged documents,again brings up the scary issue of border and port security.
The current debate over illegal immigrants highlights the fact of how easy it would be for a terrorist to enter our country.
Talk of amnesty for 11 million people is outrageous.We are a country of laws without which our democracy is a joke.
There is no question in my mind that English and ENGLISH alone should be our official language.Bi-lingual education should only be as a transition for full English.