Friday, May 12, 2006

American financial aid for disengagement? 11/12/06

Here is my problem.
I do not believe that at the present time there is any strategic ,military or political reason to have Israeli forces withdraw (converge ?, disengage ? ) from their present homes and settlements.70,000 Israelis would be affected.
Hamas seeks Israels destruction and given the opportunity would stop at nothing to accomplish that goal..
Rockets are fired,explosives smuggled,and suicide bombers are being caught every day.The world is not prepared to recognize any withdrawal done unilaterally as a final border status.Even the Israeli government has weakened on setting up a fund to pay PA workers,even though it would lessen the pressure on Hamas.
Enter PM Olmert, who now comes to Washington.It is not clear what he desires beyond political support.It is rumorerd he will ask for 12 billion dollars in Congressional apprropriations to pay for the disengagement.
We would be crazy to approve such an amount ,considering our budget defIcit and the fact that Israel promised to end economic aid requests this coming year .
The question is: Should members of the the pro-Israel political community in the US stay silent vs oppose or support any such fund request, if they do not believe in the Olmert plan?