Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Boynton Beach-a new ashkenazic congregation 5/9/06

My wife and I had the pleasure to spend shabbat with the new Ashkenazic minyan in Boynton Beach Florida this week.They are celebrating their 6 month anniversary and are eagerly working toward establishing a permanent home in the area. In the season, they had as many as 60 plus people at their minyan, and of course a lesser amount presently.They had a huge Purim Seudah,and are now planning a full learning program for Shevuoth.
It is exciting to see see their enthusiasm,especially of the younger members with children.In view of the fact that Boynton Beach is the fastest growing Jewish community in South Florida,I really believe that once the new congregation,named Anshei Chesed finds a home , its membership will rapidly grow. Many individuals of ashkenazic tradition feel comfortable in an environment that stresses not only our traditions, but real scholarship and learning. It appears to me after speaking at length to its President Adam Rosen, that this is their goal.Already they have had scholars-in- residence , and Yeshiva Students coming for weekends. I was happy to deliver the sermon both this shabbat and in Dec, 2005.
With the area so beautiful and full of new homes, it will not take long for the property values to match Boca Raton.
Already the first glatt restaurant has opened in Boynton , and all kosher facilities are readily available in Delray Beach, Boca and W Palm Beach all a few minutes drive from Boyton.