Monday, May 01, 2006

Todays Demonstrations MAY DAY !

How interesting that on the holiday of socialism/communism millions of illegals are threatening to demonstate.Those who have not learned our language, convert our national anthem to another language,fill up our hospitals and public schools and march with the Mexican flag to demand citizenship present a frightening picture as they march by the half-millions.
We are the children of immigrants,and I have always admired the Vietnamese and other oriental immigrants who without money or language came legally to our shores and succeeded within 20 years of fully living the American dream.
Our grandparents came here legally and with difficulty learned the language and culture.They became Americans and tried to follow the laws of the land.That millions can enter our borders without any papers is a great security risk to us.More than a few korans have been found discarded at our southern border.
It is true that most just want to make a living but we are a nation of laws, and firstly we must build a fence and stop the flow.Then and only then, can we tackle the problem of deporting the majority, while allowing a sensible program for those who have been here for a DOCUMENTED significant period of time (say 6-10 years) .
May Day represents a culture that is foreign to our capitalistic democracy.These demonstrations likewise are a foreign concept.They seek the goal of subverting our laws=making the illegal,legal . In no other situation, do I recall lawbreakers marching en masse and in effect threatening our institutions if they arenot granted amnesty and reward.The marches are a wake-up call.